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If we want to stop seeing our neighborhood destroyed brick by brick, an ACD is the answer. In fact, an ACD (Architectural Conservation District) is the best leverage we as residents of Highland Park have over the desires of private, outside developers who don't care about our community. Almost every block of Highland Park from the First Church to the Fort Hill water tower has significant claims to minority and social importance, and we cannot let developers take that away from us.


If we value the diversity, affordability, and community that makes Highland Park a special place in the City of Boston — that we all love — sign the declaration to support the Highland Park ACD. With an ACD, we the diverse members of this community get to decide the terms.  We can use the ACD to help us fight against gentrification and the continued destruction of our homes.

Start the process now!  Every day that we wait, another home will be torn down, displacing us to make way for another rental unit or luxury condo. We need to act now!  The process, once the community agrees, takes about a year to enact.

An ACD is the single best tool that Highland Park - Fort Hill can create to stem the tide of irresponsible development and demolition that is displacing residents and upending the quality of life in our neighborhood.

The effort to create the Highland Park ACD is the outgrowth of an original petition by neighborhood residents in 1978 as well as many discussions at Highland Park Neighborhood Coalition (HPNC) meetings over the past decade and discussions at the Highland Park Project Review Committee (PRC).


The aim of this site is to bring the results of those discussions to a neighborhood-wide audience and to facilitate the next steps in the process to make the ACD a reality. This site is being brought to you by the HPNC Preservation Committee.

Highland Park ACD

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