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ACD Kickoff Meeting

Highland Park - Fort Hill Architectural Conservation District Kickoff Meeting

Hampton-Bond House
The Hampton-Bond House was successfully landmarked last year.

Welcome to the Highland Park - Fort Hill Architectural Conservation District.

“Do you have an idea how to stem the tide of bad development and demolition happening in the neighborhood? Get involved with the ACD to help.”

The purpose of the ACD is to address the tidal wave of development and demolition that has overtaken our neighborhood.

Kickoff Meeting

The ACD Kickoff meeting was held at 88 Lambert Street. This is the historic Hampton-Bond House that was saved from development last year by the energetic efforts of concerned neighbors. The process for saving the Hampton-Bond house was through getting it landmarked, but the landmarking process only works for properties that have a state or national importance. Most of the properties in our neighborhood have local importance and are therefore not eligible for landmarking under the Boston city process.

The kickoff meeting was attended by about 20 neighbors. Options for going forward were discussed, and we resolved to create THIS website. This is the beginning. Stay tuned for much more!

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