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Let's Get 500!

Thank you all, folks. We have collected nearly all the signatures we need for the Highland Park Architectural Conservation District to move to the next step, but due to some duplicates and incomplete forms, the 'countable' number is hovering short of our goal of 500 signatures. It would be nice to boost it to 500 before we go to the city because it is a number with high symbolic value.

The official line is that we should be relying on the Design Review process that the BPDA does. As we are all very well aware, the design 'review' process has no teeth and will not achieve the goals we have set for our neighborhood. Getting the ACD is the answer! As a result, getting to 500 signatures will be ever more important because we need to symbolically show the city this is what the neighborhood wants.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to sign that they support the Highland Park Architectural Conservation District so that we meet our signature goal! This is the last chance to sign before the end of the month deadline!

Happy Halloween.

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