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We are 500!

Last week, Highland Park officially reached 500+ signatures on our petition to the city for an Architectural Conservation District (ACD) in this neighborhood. Congratulations to all of YOU! This is a neighborhood-wide effort that will bring sanity to the development processes taking place around us.

Representatives of the ACD committee delivered the petition to City Hall and met with city officials from the Landmarking Commission to officially begin the process. The Landmarking Commission is in the process of applying for a grant to cover the study report that will need to be prepared to state the case for why we need the ACD.

We are seeking neighborhood representatives to be part of the ACD Study Commmittee. This will be a significant commitment of time over the next year, where you can be part of the creation of the latest ACD in the city. If you have an interest in being part of this study committee, please email Highland Park ACD at for information how to become part of the process.

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