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We are your neighbors in Highland Park - Fort Hill. We love our neighborhood, with its diverse mix of people, affordability, quiet streets, mature tree canopy, century-old houses, small and large.  

​Dozens of Highland Park residents are now working together in the Highland Park ACD group to protect and preserve our neighborhood from insensitive developer demolitions and incompatible infill development. 

STREET TEAMS - Want to be on a street team? Contact us!

Alvah Kittredge Park Team, Karen Mapp

"Fact One: The only leverage we residents of Highland Park have over the desires of outside, private developers who don’t care about our community is via an ACD designation for the neighborhood. Fact Two: We can use the ACD as a tool to fight against gentrification and the continued destruction of our beautiful, historic properties.  How many times are we going to fight for 90-day demolition delay, only to see the property destroyed and a building that ends up being student housing or luxury condos go up in its place?  The ACD is the only way to stop that from happening."


Fort Avenue Team, Randy Coston & Kate Phelps

"When I first moved into Highland Park, it was a no-man's land, like the Wild West.  Everything was up for grabs. Buildings would burn; the police wouldn't show up.  So the neighbors had to look out for each other; we had to build ourselves a community. Now, it's like a different Wild West - when developers are making deals downtown, and people are being pushed out.  I support the ACD.  With new energy, and new resources we can make a difference."

Beech Glen Street Team, Andrea Cáceres & Juan Leon

"The homes in our neighborhood tell stories of struggle, resilience, immigration, segregation, inclusion, community, and innovation. We feel the urgency to preserve this history, especially because massive development projects seem to promote historic amnesia. Designating Highland Park as an ACD will be a powerful step to protect our community from displacement."

Cedar Street Team, Andrew Shelburne

"Many developers are moving fast to buy up buildings only to destroy them and build new buildings with little consideration to the context of this neighborhood, its history or its people. The ACD will empower Highland Park to take back control of its destiny and fight the dark side of destruction and unbridled greed."

Fort Avenue Terrace Team, Randy Foote

Kenilworth Street Team, Curtis Perrin

Thornton Street Team, Jon Ellertson


Hawthorne Street Team, Holly Shepherd


Marcella Street Team, Sam Nelson

Highland Park ACD

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