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Architectural Conservation District (ACD) is a designation in the city of Boston for an area with local significance. It can help protect our neighborhood against irresponsible developers. An ADC is defined in the enabling statute as: "An area containing any physical features or improvements or both which are of historical, social, cultural, architectural or aesthetic significance to the city and cause such area to constitute a distinctive section of the city."


AN ACD PROTECTS OUR NEIGHBORHOOD'S UNIQUE QUALITIES. An ACD is intended to protect the qualities we value in our neighborhood. We live in an area that has a unique quality in terms of who lives here and in terms of the homes we live in. We want to keep that quality going forward and not have it be ruined by developers. Our neighborhood is enhanced by embracing its beautiful features, which are both "historical, social, cultural, architectural, and aesthetic" (to use the language of the statute).


AN ACD ADDS VALUE TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD WITHOUT DISPLACING PEOPLE. Therefore it is appropriate that our ACD try to promote the neighborhood qualities, which include the presence of many, many different people. Our neighborhood is enhanced by affordability and the ability for people to live here long-term. The ACD can help protect the heritage of the diverse groups of people who have made the neighborhood a special place in making it their home.


AN ACD IS THE BEST TOOL WE HAVE TO PROTECT AGAINST IRRESPONSIBLE DEVELOPERS. An ACD is the single effective tool we possess to manage what happens to the neighborhood we cherish. ACD guidelines will teach developers to work in a way that is consistent with what we value. Furthermore, these are guidelines that we can enforce – unlike the current situation.


HAVING AND ACD HELPS YOU, AND IT HELPS YOUR COMMUNITY. An ACD is not a set of police principles to tell people who already live here what to do. It is a set of expectations for the future for how new entries to the area can emphasize those qualities that already make it great. The aim is to preserve value, not just in selling your house, but in how you embrace your neighbors’ presence here and make it possible for many to enjoy what we already value highly.


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Highland Park ACD

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